• Fiona Ritchie

What's in a word?

Updated: May 10, 2019

So I have a thing about language, how we talk about things, express ourselves and ultimately what come out of our mouth as being a model to our actions, behaviours and what we actually think about the world.

Some think me odd, constantly reminding people, values, modelling and checking myself. I am not perfect far from it, people who know me know my language can be – shall we say floral but I check , think and reprimand myself when I hear things that come out of me that I wince at.

So what’s all this got to do with Brexit?- well nothing for once this isn’t about that.

It’s about what I hear in everyday language working with people. So I thought I would share to perhaps start a discussion if you are fed up with Brexit……

We use labels in every breath, instantly dehumansing:

Users,customers,clients, them, these - but what we mean is people, us

Services,units,sites,accommodation,res care,supported living - but what we mean is my home

Voids, vacancies, spare capacity but what we mean is sharing with a friend,our loved ones

Day services, day care ,day centres but what we mean is how we fill our lives

Of course this is ‘service land ‘speak, something I have been part of for many years but does it have to be? Can’t we start a different culture with the language we use to ensure we keep ambition in our heart for people we know? Can’t we rise above and use uplifting forward thinking inspirational language that does not set any one apart?

Do we care enough?

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