Getting your vision, culture and strategic intent right is the backbone of any successful organisation. Having staff who live and breathe your culture and go the extra mile because they believe in what you do is worth its weight in gold! I can support your organisation to set goals and ambitions and live your values through co-production, by ensuring that everyone is involved and on-board.



Whether you are regulated or not, getting it right for the people you support will be high on your agenda. Working with people and families to understand what good looks and feels like for them is paramount—getting staff to then understand and believe in the vision is at the heart of good organisational culture. I am passionate about leading development and change across different areas, and helping drive change within support services.



Everything we do revolves around people. Much of the time however the power balance is so skewed to one side that partnership working becomes tokenistic or an after thought.

Working together is critical to enact sustained change, and our ability to work in a partnership often determines the outcome of the process. I am known for realising change by working closely with families, supporting individuals and staff teams at all levels.



I have extensive experience of working with people with complex histories. Many are out of area, miles from family and friends. By supporting commissioners from the start and being ambitious, it is completely possible to support people to take back control of their lives and live as anyone does. I have supported many organisations through policy development and been involved in the actual planning of individuals’ care, particularly through the ‘Building the Right Support'

agenda. Currently I am a Senior Intervenor for NHSEI supporting systems to get peoples lives back and out of Long Term Segregation.